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Air and Health

Communication is essential to what it means to be human, and hearing disorders have a strong impact on education, employment, engagement with society, and well being.

Approached from an educational and informational perspective, this session will
a) review important mechanical and neurological structures that allow humans to perceive the hearing world,
b) highlight the social impact of communication deficits, and
c) present some technologies that truly change people’s lives, such as hearing aids and cochlear implants.

(Final speakers to be confirmed)


Air and Science
[The problem of air pollution in big cities]

Air pollution is a well-known problem, present in most of big cities worldwide. Contamination of air is mainly driven by industries situated in the periphery of the cities and by motor-based means of transport. However, some cities seem to have faced this problem satisfactorily by offering the citizens a reliable public transport service and safe bicycle lanes.

This session will address:
a) the environmental adverse effects of diesel,
b) efficient strategies successfully implemented in low-contaminated cities, and
c) a particular case study for the city of Sydney.

(Final speakers to be confirmed)


Round Table
[Climate change and other challenges facing an exponential growth of population]

With 7 billion people currently living in our planet, experts advise about serious problems of overpopulation derived from the current exponential growth-trend. These problems include deforestation, climate change, inequality, water abuse, and even, border closures.

A hot and interesting debate will be ensured by different opinions about the need for
a) birth control policies,
b) a change on individual consumption habits, and
c) a political and economic effort to implement efficient actions against climate change and overpopulation.

(Final speakers to be confirmed)