Prof Steven Sherwood

Steven studies how the various processes in the atmosphere conspire to establish climate, how these processes might be expected to control the way climate changes, and how the atmosphere will ultimately interact with the oceans and other components of Earth. Clouds, water vapour and atmospheric convection (for example, storms) in particular remain poorly understood in many respects, but are very important not only in bringing rain locally but also to global climate. These topics are studied by way of theoretical modelling, analysis of detailed simulations of physical processes, and statistical methods applied to observations.

Prof. Vladimir Strezov

Vladimir Strezov is a Professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Macquarie University, Australia. He completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Prof Strezov leads a research team working on a range of topics dealing with renewable and sustainable energy technologies and reduction of environmental pollution of industrial processes. Prof Strezov is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, serves as Associate Editor for the Journal of Cleaner Production and is editorial board member on a number of journals and conferences dealing with clean energy and sustainability. Prof Strezov is Advisory Panel member for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, assessing program funding applications and providing expert specialist advice for project applications that commercialise renewable energy technologies in Australia.